How do I create a new project from the command line?

Projects can be created from the command line by using the oc new-project command.

$ oc new-project myproject --display-name 'My Project'
Already on project "myproject" on server "https://localhost:8443".

You can add applications to this project with the 'new-app' command.
For example, try:

    oc new-app centos/ruby-22-centos7~

to build a new example application in Ruby.

You can list all projects you have access to using the oc projects command.

$ oc projects
You have one project on this server: "My Project (myproject)".

Using project "myproject" on server "https://localhost:8443".

The name of the current project, against which your commands will be applied, can be determined by running the command oc project.

$ oc project
Using project "myproject" on server "https://localhost:8443".

Where you have access to multiple projects, you can set the current project by running oc project and specifying the name of the project.

$ oc project myproject
Now using project "myproject" on server "https://localhost:8443".

When you create a new project using oc new-project, the new project will automatically be set as the current project.

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